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Guest Holiday Cartoon by Zoë Kirk-Robinson

Posted by Carlo Jose San Juan, MD on Thursday, December 23, 2010,

For the second year in a row, I participated in the Webcomic Secret Santa Exchange which is organized by one of the first friends I made in online comics, Sheryl Schopfer, author of the great comic, Deer Me.

This year, I have the great fortune and honor of having Zoë Kirk-Robinson, who along with Jennifer Kirk works on such great comics as All Over the House and The Life of Nob T. Mouse, as my "Secret Santa"!  She made this delightful holiday art for Callous Comics and I love it!

Are you wonde...
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Guest Cartoon by Dustin Reese

Posted by Carlo Jose San Juan, MD on Saturday, October 23, 2010,
Beginning the Halloween season for Callous is this guest cartoon by Dustin Reese, who writes and illustrates the excellent comic series, Plus One!  Considering this particular patient load, I'm surprised the ER staff is so well-composed!

Dustin has done several guest work for Callous in the past.  Check out his previous contributions HERE and HERE!

Be sure to read his sprawling pregnancy-to-parenting adventure series, Plus One!
Plus One - A Webcomic
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Guest Comic by Katherine Curtis

Posted by Carlo Jose San Juan, MD on Thursday, October 7, 2010,
This guest cartoon is by Katherine Curtis, the great talent behind the brilliant comic series, Our Perfect World!  Once again, Katherine has been gracious enough to lend her quirky humor and delightful art to Callous comics!  She has done two guest spots in the past (Click HERE and HERE to see them)!

Our Perfect World is a comic about how our world isn’t perfect (ironic, isn’t it?). It follows the life of Kat, a young adult attempting to discover what happiness is.  With her friends and ...
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Guest Comic by Bearman Cartoons

Posted by Carlo Jose San Juan, MD on Wednesday, May 5, 2010,
Today's great Callous guest comic is by Bearman Cartoons. a brilliant comic series with a funny take on politics and pop culture!  Thank you so much! I sure wish I was chillin' as much as Cal Duck! :-)

Bearman Cartoons currently have an admirable charity drive going on where cartoonists, bloggers, and other online enthusiasts can help out by performing simple tasks!  Click on the following link to see how you can help!
Bearman Charity Challenge 2010

Click on the banner below to check out Bearman...
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