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7 August 2013 - 17th Anniversary

Posted by Carlo Jose San Juan, MD on Tuesday, August 6, 2013,
Hey everyone!
    Well, what do you know?  My little comic strip is 17 years old!  I would never have thought that many years ago that this day could be a reality... yet here we are.
    It's still so surreal to me that the once deeply hidden side of me would eventually spawn a second profession.  Thank you to everyone, readers and friends, for being so supportive!  And to those who have expressed just how much my work has brightened your day, as long as I can, I'll move mountains to keep at it...
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Guest Art by Cátia Ana da Silva

Posted by Carlo Jose San Juan, MD on Tuesday, December 6, 2011,

    This marvelous painting of Dr. Rianne and Cal Duck is by a wonderful Brazilian artist, Cátia Ana da Silva!  In the e-mail this painting was attached to, Cátia Ana explained that she had been painting (of the non-digital sort) using India Ink lately and decided to use this medium in depicting the main protagonists of Callous Comics while adding an extra touch that Rianne and Cal would love... she also used coffee!

    Cátia Ana has an innovative online illustrated tale of a young woman r...

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Guest Comic Strip by Cátia Ana da Silva

Posted by Carlo Jose San Juan, MD on Tuesday, May 25, 2010,
This guest comic strip is by the talented Cátia Ana da Silva from Brazil!  She is the writer and artist of O Diário de Virgínia!  I wonder about how effective this form of anesthetic would be... but it sure seems to be working for Virginia!

O Diário de Virgínia is a gorgeously illustrated online story written in Portuguese.  It features Virginia and the fantastic and sometimes nonsensical world written within her diary!  Cátia Ana describes Virginia as a poor girl who has lost her way, a...
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